• Date: 23rd June 2016


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    wendi berman

    25th July 2017

    Nice website, Lloyd; didn’t know you had one! I want to see TAKEN (And you. And Clarissa. And Ruby). hope you are thriving! I think of y’all so often and yet…I don’t email often but I sent occasional postcards. Weird of me.

    Are you working a lot? Happy with your representation?

    Change afoot for me. Necessary. To open great doors. More later.

    Love and every blessing,

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    Formerly known as Mark

    24th May 2018

    Lloyd good morning. Just saw this on facebook I used to live a few doors away from you at 12 Bute Avenue. It’s been decades since we spoke! Great to see you achieving things big time.

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    13th July 2018

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