Lloyd’s rendering of Mark’s Gospel demonstrates the stark difference between listening to the text and listening from within the text.

Notice has set his dramatic performance in a context that draws the audience into the confined space experienced by one held captive. In truth it is the audience who are also held captive by Notice’s engagement with both the text and with them, for as the drama unfolds they are invited to come alongside and identify with those who have touched and been touched by Jesus.

With passion, sensitive insight and touches of humour, Notice illuminates both the identity and nature of ‘The Teacher’ who is revealed as the condemned Messiah, bound by the unbelief of the world into which he was born and destined to live under the shadow of a cross.

Rev Canon Brian Pearson, Associate Director of Vocations, Diocese of Bath & Wells

Lloyd’s rendering of Mark’s Gospel as a prisoner in Taken is a tour de force. It is he who captures the vivid narrative of Mark’s Gospel with freshness and a compelling passion. We are taken with humour and intensity through familiar parts of Jesus’ ministry to a fitting climax with Jesus’ prediction of his sufferings and the Cross. Suitable for a newcomer to the Gospel or one who knows it backwards, Lloyd’s faithful retelling will draw everyone into the drama of Jesus’ life and ministry. A must-see and hear presentation for everyone.

Patrick Whitworth, Rector, All Saints Weston, Bath

The moment he walked on stage, Lloyd Notice captured the imagination and took me with him on Jesus’ life-changing journey.


TAKEN is utterly absorbing. It drew me in to identify with the people Jesus touched and experience their emotions. It gave me new insights and understanding. It left my mind whirling, inspiring and challenging me in my everyday life.

Audience member

Lloyd Notice sets the Gospel text free, and you hear it as for the first time; raw, complete and full of passion. Don’t miss it.

Rev Graham Owen, Holy Trinity Church, Frome

Teaching Speech and Singing

Lloyd’s group vocal sessions are so much more than we expected. He has a knack of understanding what each person needs, instructs expertly on technique and helps find a voice inside which had eluded many of us. His enthusiasm for people and song with his humour inspire confidence and encourage you to another level.


I have often wondered what it might be like to sing well. What most impressed me was that after 45 minutes I could hear the difference.

Clarice, Social Worker

Lloyd’s technique and style is easy to understand and has transformed my voice.

Roxy, Professional Singer

Interview Practice

I got the job first time round… Lloyd brought out the real strengths in my personality. The voice training also helped.

John, Civil Servant